[OFERTA] HALO Ground Command: Battle For Reach (Two Player Set)

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The Halo: Ground Command, Battle for Reach 2-player set is an easy way for gamers to start playing large scale ground warfare and comes with the following components:

  • Full colour Halo: Ground Command Rulebook
  • Statistic Sheets (UNSC and Covenant)
  • Reference Sheet
  • 20x Custom Dice, 6x Halo Command Dice and 4x D6
  • Game Tokens (Damage, Activation and Cooldown)
  • Shadow Templates – UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom Dropships
  • Halo Scenery – Bunkers and Scatter Terrain
  • UNSC 1,250 Point Battle Group
  • Covenant 1,250 Point Battle Group

The UNSC Battle Group is composed of the following Elements:

  • Command Base (1x Officer, 1x Medic and 1x Radio)
  • 2 Trooper Units each comprising: 3x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 1x HMG Base (HMG, Gunner, Spotter)
  • Fire Support Unit comprising: 2x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 2x Rocket Team Bases (2x Troopers with Rockets on each)
  • 3x Spartan Bases (1x Spartan Assault Rifle, 1x Spartan Laser, 1x Spartan Rocket Launcher)
  • 2x Warthogs (armed with Chainguns and Trooper Driver and Gunner)

The Covenant Battle Group is composed of the following Elements:

  • Command Base (1x Zealot, 1x Elite Minor)
  • 3 Grunt Units each comprising: 2x Grunt Bases (3x Grunts), 1x Fuel Rod Team Base (2x Grunts with Fuel Rods) and 1x Elite Minor Base (1x Elite Minor, 2x Grunts)
  • Hunter Unit comprising: 2x Hunters
  • 3x Ghosts (with Grunt Drivers)

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